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Roof painting and restoring a deteriorated tile roof prior to selling your property can greatly enhance the value instead of selling a property with a sad looking roof.

Roof Painting Services

Our company has great and affordable roof painting services packages for you South Florida. Is your home´s roof looking old and weary? Have you been thinking of roof repairs or buying a new roof for your home with your wife and husband? We all know that when it comes to repairs or changing your roof can be expensive. We have another option for you. Roof painting is a great and affordable option for your pocket. We are South Florida´s number one choice for all your painting service needs.

Our Services

When you have your roof repainted by Avr Painting Services, these are the things we do for you:

  • Re-screw or repair your roof as necessary
  • Pressure clean the roof in order to remove all loose paint, dirt, moss, and lichen.
  • Rust treat the roof to all areas with anti-corrosive metal primer.
  • Apply two coats of premium quality acrylic roof coating in the color of your choice
  • All excess materials and garbage will be removed and your yard left clean and as tidy as possible.
  • Your roof now looks fabulous!


After pressure washing

New – Environmentally Sustainable Heat Reflective Roof Painting

Avr Painting Services now offer Heat Resistant Roof painting. The Energy Star exterior paints and coatings significantly improve a buildings’ energy efficiency. These paint coatings prevent heat from building up by reflecting light. Environmentally Sustainable Roof Painting.

Roof Painting Contractors

Finding the right roof painting contractor in South Florida is not an easy thing to do! Considering the fact that you can´t trust just anyone when it comes to your home´s roof. Our experts have been helping homeowners, business owners with roof painting services for a long time in Miami Dade County, Florida. When you are looking for a residential roof painter of a commercial roof painter.

Interested in making improvements?

You are the in right place. We offer affordable options for maintaining the look of your roof. Roofs can fade and start to look dull and unappealing. When the color starts to fade it is time to get it fixed because the possibility of water seeping into your home or business increases. The good news is you do not need to buy a new expensive roof at all, you have other options. Our team at Avr Painting Services can increase the life of your roof. Visit us on our Social Media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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Avr Painting Services

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When thinking about updating your home or business you can completely remodel or You can simply change the color of your walls and ceiling throughout your home or business. Whatever you may need, we are the right choice for you..


What Can I do to remove mold permanently ?

No way to prevent mold. Mold appears in any moist and dark area that has little air flow. There are paintings that can be formulated to inhibit mold growth, however, under certain conditions, mildew eventually will reappear on any type of paint that has been applied.

How can I clean a surface that already has been painted ?

It is important to perform a maintenance cleaning to preserve the life of the painted surface. Be sure to use a nonabrasive cleaner. When using a cleaning solution, first try the cleaner on an inconspicuous area to check for damaged paint.

How do you clean a surface before painting an exterior ?

You can use a cleaner such as detergent. Is essential to use all recommended safety equipment and not mix other chemicals with these cleaners.

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