Power Washing Services

Tired of seeing your properties curve appeal look run down to the ground? Our power washing services are the most professional in South Florida

We provide reliable, professional Power Washing Services to all south Florida. Rely on Avr Painting Services for power washing services and leave the dirty work to us. Looking to clean the dirt, grime, and scum from your home’s exterior, roof, driveway, walkways and patio´s? It´s time to boost your Home´s curb appeal with a power washing service you can depend on! We serve clients with excellence, it’s what we’re known for. When you choose us, you’re choosing the best power washing services in the business.

Miami Residential & Commercial Power Washing Services

We are prepared for the demanding challenges residential properties may have. We are Experienced and fully equipped to meet all your needs and expectations we can transform, mesmerize, and maintain a first-class look your home deserves. We can work to accommodate your individual needs to provide you with the best, most effective, and safest products to mesmerize your home. We are licensed and insured and use only high-end cleaners that are formulated to provide the highest level of Power Washing Services at the same time being 100% safe for the environment, plants, children, and animals. When hiring a Power Washing Services Specialist don´t call the rest and call the best in the industry today!



We specialize in high-pressure cleaning, power washing services, sealing, and waterproofing. Avr Painting Services Provides expert, professional and reliable exterior washing service to Miami and South Florida for over 12 years now is nothing new to us! Our wide range of expertise includes the following:

Mold removal
Pool Decks
Paver decks, driveways, and walkways
Sprinkler rust removal
Construction cleanup

Precast cleaning maintenance & restoration
Pressure cleaning
Precast sealing
Pressure washers
Pressure washing parking decks
Low-pressure cleaning
Low-pressure washing
Steam cleaning
Power washing services
Concrete cleaning
Concrete Sealing
Brick restoration
Granite cleaning
Stone cleaning
Stone restoration
Stone Sealing
Awning cleaning
Awning sealing
Masonry cleaning
Metal cleaning
Steam cleaning

Types of Power Washing Services We Offer in Miami Dade County

Houses and Townhomes

If you are a Homeowner or Real Estate Agent in South Florida and you are looking to clean your house and restoring it to its original beautiful look. Avr Painting offers professional power washing services for your home or townhome in Miami Dade County. Including Driveways, Decks, Sidewalks, Gum Removal, Gutters, Roof, Pool Decks and Concrete Areas. so if you want your home or townhome to look its best? You should consider our professional pressure washing services of Avr Painting Services today!

Apartments, Condominiums, and Home Owners Associations

Caring for an apartment complex, condominiums or homeowners association is never easy. Your building exteriors are your customer’s first impression, but it is more than just simple aesthetics. In today’s ultra-competitive real estate and renters markets, exterior appearances can make or break a deal. Attractive buildings can be marred by a dirty sidewalk or an unclean dumpster area may lead a potential resident to wonder if the inside matches the outside. Graffiti may prompt a question of overall neighborhood safety. Therefore the maintenance of the exterior of your property is of the utmost importance if you want to successfully compete in today’s market. Pressure washing is an efficient and thorough way to clean your building’s exterior surfaces.

Duplex and Efficiencies

Residential pressure washing is the most effective way to keep your duplex or efficiency exterior nice and clean. The high-pressure water stream, when applied correctly, can penetrate exterior textured surfaces like aluminum, concrete, wood and vinyl sidings. Power washing is ideal for cleaning from small one-story houses to large residences with second stories. The ability for the water to reach high without the need of scaffolding or ladders, make pressure washing the preferred method for convenience, ease, and effectiveness. so if you are looking to rent your property and keep it looking great, give Avr Painting Services a call.

Shopping Centers and Strip Malls

If you manage a shopping center or strip mall, you have more than likely run into the need for shopping center pressure washing. Shopping centers and strip malls are busy environments where loads of people enter and exit daily. With all those people comes all that debris, gum, stains and general mess associated with high traffic areas. Although many commercial property managers are working with a meager budget due to high vacancy rates, shopping center pressure washing is still a very needed service and should not be one that is underestimated. The small investment cost of quarterly pressure washing at a shopping center or strip mall has more impact to end consumers than most may realize.

Retail Stores and Storefronts

Avr Painting Services sidewalk and storefront cleaning services get the job done at shopping centers and retail stores. Retail stores and storefronts need customers to do these three things: Come to them, Stay and shop, Return as many times as possible. So how does cleanliness, not only of the storefront exterior but also the sidewalk, help you achieve this? Even from the street, a customer can see shabby/moldy walls, dirty awnings and rust stains from the sprinklers. Is that what you want your customers to see? How long will a customer want to stay if the walls have mildew and the sidewalks have mold or are covered with old chewing gum spots? Call us today to see how we can help you today!

Restaurants, Banks, and Churches

Maintaining The Cleanliness And Safety Of Your Commercial Property Should Be A Top Priority, As Your Property Often Makes The First Impression On Your Potential Customers. Whether you’re a restaurant, Bank or Church, it’s important that your facilities look clean. Of course, it’s not all just about appearance. It also requires a matter of safety, health, and it’s a matter of giving your all and the confidence that whatever it is you do you are great at it! This is why many South Florida Business owners choose Avr Painting Services.

Gas and Service Stations

Gas stations, including those attached to convenience stores, are very hard to keep clean. They have heavy traffic and with the extended periods of time Residue builds up. With heavy traffic coming and going. The Oil stains may everywhere, gas pumps and canopies building up rust, dust, grime, gum and other factors from heavy traffic are keeping from your business looking at its peak! No time to do it yourself? Call Avr Painting Services we can help you.

Building Washing

At Avr Painting services we are Building Washing Specialists. We take the hassle out of keeping our client’s buildings clean, freeing them up to get on with what they´re good at. We’ll clean all surfaces – roofs, windows, and walls – as well as gutters and downpipes. No area is left untreated.

Parking Lot and Garage Cleaning

Parking lots and garages can attract a host of debris – everything from discarded gum to cigarettes, oil drips from vehicles and stains from spilled coffee and food. When your parking lot doesn’t look well maintained, your business doesn’t look well maintained either. A commercial power washing company like Avr Painting Services can solve all of your parking lot maintenance issues. From small parking lots near retail spaces and under dumpsters to the largest parking garages and mall lots, the team at Avr Painting Services will quickly and efficiently handle all of your parking lot cleaning and restoration needs.

Local Miami Painter

At AVR Painting Services, we’re proud to be your local choice for professional painting services. We are locally owned, operated, and committed to the needs of home and business owners. We love to see our customers happy and satisfied with our painting services. We know how hard it can be to find painting contractors you can rely on, and we take pride in offering a level of professionalism and customer care rarely found in the painting business. We will do all that we can to make your painting project a success. We take the time to understand your vision, then work with you to ensure each step of the project goes smoothly.










“I would like to take this opportunity to highly recommend AVR Painting Services and Mr. Frank Rodriguez for your painting needs.I recommend Mr. Rodriguez with zero hesitation. It was my pleasure to contract AVR Painting for our office renovations during the month of September 2010. Mr. Rodriguez and his staff came in, worked diligently, professionally and with great attention to detail.Our offices look better than we could have ever anticipated. Mr. Rodriguez was true to his word and was able to perform these services at a price that not only fit our budget but outbid all of his competitors.As I stated before I highly recommend that you contract AVR Painting for all of your painting and office renovations needs.”


“I have used AVR several times and could not
be more pleased. I find Frank Rodriguez to be
a very professional and honest person, and his prices
are very reasonable compared to other
companies. I would definitely recommend
AVR to anyone!!”

– Christopher Chuck

“I was all over the place looking for the right Painting company. For a Mothers day gift. I needed to paint my mom’s house because on her block her house looked the oldest and ugliest. The deal was I needed a good deal. But we all know that good deals mean that an average joe would come over and do a regular job at a low price. With the way, things are nowadays. You cant trust no one. So I was looking for a company that was Licensed and Insured, Low cost and Great service. I gave AVR Painting a call and Frank came over and gave me a great deal. Bueno, Bonito y barato as my mom says. Not to mention that the Pressure Cleaning was included in the Exterior Painting. My mom’s house looks like it uses to look when I was a kid. Thanks, AVR Painting Services for a Great job! I highly recommend them.”

– Ben Martinez

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