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You Would Be Amazed At How A New Coat Of Paint Can Make Your House Feel Like A New Home! House Painter from AVR Painting Services.


When considering a house painter to paint the interior of your home there are many factors that need consideration.


  1. What are the different types of paint to choose from?

  2. What is the best quality paint and equipment?

  3. Do you have all of the supplies required to get the painting job done?

  4. Does this space need repair?

When you choose a professional house painter to take care of the interior painting job for you, all of these worries become those of the painting company.

They will bring skill and knowledge. They will use the best quality interior and exterior painting products. They will get the job done more efficiently and effectively than if you were to attempt interior and exterior painting yourself. All you need to do is choose the color scheme that best suits your needs and then enjoy the results. A fresh coat of interior and exterior paint changes a drab and worn down looking home into a fresh and new environment. It changes a depressing office space into a place one can enjoy spending their time. What used to be your boring living room can become a calm oasis or a great place for a party.  It all depends on what you want to gain from your space. If you are planning to put your home on the market the benefits of an interior and exterior paint job will show in the resale value of your home.  A fresh coat of interior and exterior paint makes a home seem cleaner and better-taken care of. Potential buyers will notice this.  It wouldn’t hurt to make a few more dollars when you sell, and interior and exterior painting is the most inexpensive way to transform the look of your home.


The inside of your home is very important to you; it’s where you spend most of your daily time. The way your rooms look can have a big impact on your mood. The biggest influencers are the basic things, like the state and color of your walls, the textures, and trim. That’s why we at AVR Painting Services, we offer a number of Miami interior painting services.


How does the exterior of your home look? Is the paint cracked and faded due to the elements? The outdoors can be unkind to your home; harsh and cold weather or UV rays on a sunny day can make your paint fade and peel and your wood rot. Not even a full year of weathering can take your home from a clean crisp look to one of neglect and abandon.


A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your home, improving your everyday living spaces and enhancing your curb appeal. If you’re interested in updating your home to reflect your sense of design, get in touch with the professional residential painters today!


Cabinets can be very expensive to replace. But why would you spend all that money on new cabinets when you could completely renew your current cabinets for a fraction of the price? Think about it. Your cabinets restored back to their original beauty with a custom color match, or even changed to a completely different color.


Even when you paint your walls, if your ceiling looks dull, you will not be showing your room’s full potential. Sometimes, painting just a ceiling in a room will be enough to spruce up that particular area!


Let’s face it. Garage floors are dirty. We drive on them, store lawnmowers and muddy shoes on them, and they tend to be the last place we think about when doing our routine house cleaning. Do you have a garage door that needs to be painted or is it the garage floor? Don´t hesitate and call today!


You might think that the first part of your home improvement project is something big – like doing the actual painting. But the most important step of any job is the surface preparation beforehand. Whether you are doing interior or exterior painting, a restoration or protective coating project, the first step must be surface preparation.


Old wallpaper can fade, peel, crack and more. Removing it by yourself can be tedious, extremely messy and a frustrating job. If you don’t know how to properly remove wallpaper, your patience might run out on your fun DIY project and cause serious damage to your walls.


Textured popcorn ceilings are found in many older homes in and near Miami, FL, and many new ones as well. Although this style has been gone for many years, a lot of homes still have not removed their popcorn ceilings. Call Avr Painting Services for a free estimate

Local Miami House Painter

At AVR Painting, we’re proud to be your local choice for professional residential painting services. We are locally owned, operated, and committed to the needs of home and business owners. We love to see our customers happy and satisfied with our painting services. We know how hard it can be to find painting contractors you can rely on, and we take pride in offering a level of professionalism and customer care rarely found in the residential painting services business. We will do all that we can to make your painting project a success. We take the time to understand your vision, then work with you to ensure each step of the project goes smoothly. Next time you need residential painting services in South Florida and don´t know who to turn to? Don´t hesitate and give us a call!










“I would like to take this opportunity to highly recommend AVR Painting Services and Mr. Frank Rodriguez for your painting needs.I recommend Mr. Rodriguez with zero hesitation. It was my pleasure to contract AVR Painting for our office renovations during the month of September 2010. Mr. Rodriguez and his staff came in, worked diligently, professionally and with great attention to detail.Our offices look better than we could have ever anticipated. Mr. Rodriguez was true to his word and was able to perform these services at a price that not only fit our budget but outbid all of his competitors.As I stated before I highly recommend that you contract AVR Painting for all of your painting and office renovations needs.”


“I have used AVR several times and could not
be more pleased. I find Frank Rodriguez to be
a very professional and honest person, and his prices
are very reasonable compared to other
companies. I would definitely recommend
AVR to anyone!!”

– Christopher Chuck

“I was all over the place looking for the right Painting company. For a Mothers day gift. I needed to paint my mom’s house because on her block her house looked the oldest and ugliest. The deal was I needed a good deal. But we all know that good deals mean that an average joe would come over and do a regular job at a low price. With the way, things are nowadays. You cant trust no one. So I was looking for a company that was Licensed and Insured, Low cost and Great service. I gave AVR Painting a call and Frank came over and gave me a great deal. Bueno, Bonito y barato as my mom says. Not to mention that the Pressure Cleaning was included in the Exterior Painting. My mom’s house looks like it uses to look when I was a kid. Thanks, AVR Painting Services for a Great job! I highly recommend them.”

– Ben Martinez

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