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Give Your Property A Fresh New Look With Our Commercial Painting Services In South Florida.

We understand that not anyone can provide with quality commercial painting services. As a Miami business owner or property manager, you understand how important it is to keep your building or storefront looking its best. As a professional commercial painting services and industrial painting contractor, we have the expertise and equipment to paint a variety of structures including high-rises, hospitals, clinics, offices, restaurants, schools, churches, and more.

Miami Commercial Painting Services

As a Miami business owner or property manager, you understand how important it is to keep your building or storefront looking its best. As a professional commercial painting services and industrial painting contractor, we have the expertise and equipment to paint a variety of structures including high-rises, hospitals, clinics, schools, dentist office, stores, restaurants, malls, offices, clothing stores, churches, and more.

We are providing commercial painting services throughout South Florida, we cover all of Miami-Dade County and surrounding areas. We are competitively priced and strive to complete every job on schedule and within budget. Call us for a free estimate today!



Our mission here is to capture the essence of your business and to enhance your professional life by adding color to your office space or building! Every year, all around the Miami Dade County area, we work on more than 400 residential and commercial properties. We are known as a professional commercial painting services company that provides Experience, Reliability, Compliance, Insured, Certifications, and Safety. Our painters are experts. Whether you are looking for interior or exterior painting for your commercial space, we’ve got you covered. Every job is unique that’s why you need someone experienced who can adapt to whatever the demands of your business paint job might be. Our commercial painting services team can get it done.

Types of Commercial Painting Services We Offer


Are you looking for a well-qualified & professional painting company to paint or decorate your school, college or university? Commercial painting of schools and other like institutions takes special care. The finished product needs to be attractive to potential students, have the approval of parents, and reflect the quality of workmanship and longevity.


Looking for the right commercial painting contractor for your gym or fitness center? Avr Painting Services can help you. Keeping your gym or fitness center looking its best is important to you and to your members! You want to create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere where your members want to be, and where they are inspired to make a positive change in their lives.


Avr Painting Services, Is a local commercial & industrial painting contractor, providing durable painting and wall covering services to the hospitality industry including Resorts, Hotels, and Motels. Whether people are looking at your location online or in person, you always want to impress potential guests.


AVR Painting Services strives to provide customers zero defect performance and on-time completions, for any industrial painting or commercial painting project. The very best paint manufacturers represent the backbone of expertise in our product engineering section. We can take on any worst-case scenarios with confidence and produce perfection.


Modern retail environments must stimulate the customer to keep them coming back. A store’s interior is the backdrop for its merchandise. Keeping customers intrigued about what is going on inside builds store traffic. To put their best foot forward a clean, well-coordinated color scheme is a canvas on which to arrange fixtures and point of purchase materials.


Painting a hospital or medical facility is a sensitive project that requires a skilled and knowledgeable painting contractor. Because of our extensive experience in all kinds of industrial and commercial painting, Avr Painting Services has the expertise to paint in demanding environments, including surgery and consultation rooms, offices, laboratories and cafeterias.


Do you have a short turnaround between tenants, you don’t have tons of time to get the space painted? As a property manager, we know obtaining professional painting can be stressful as you have to deal with residents and renters. At Avr Painting Services, we understand this conflict and we strive to minimize your stress and the interruption caused by our work as much as possible.


A place of worship should be kept looking its absolute best at all times. At your parish, church, temple, mosque, or chapel, your congregation is looking for an area that can promote peace of mind and well being. If you need to repaint your religious building, it is important to hire a professional painter with experience in the field. At Avr Painting Services we can help you.


In the restaurant and food service business, cleanliness and attractiveness are paramount. At Avr Painting Services, we are expert in commercial restaurant painting, we offer both interior and exterior painting, as well as woodwork and table refinishing, commercial wallcoverings like wood paneling and digital murals, and staining, polyurethane, and epoxy services.

Local Miami Painter

We’re proud to be your local choice for professional commercial painting services. We are locally owned, operated, and committed to the needs of home and business owners. We love to see our customers happy and satisfied with our painting services. We know how hard it can be to find painting contractors you can rely on, and we take pride in offering a level of professionalism and customer care rarely found in the commercial painting services business. We will do all that we can to make your painting project a success. We take the time to understand your vision, then work with you to ensure each step of the project goes smoothly.










“I would like to take this opportunity to highly recommend AVR Painting Services and Mr. Frank Rodriguez for your painting needs.I recommend Mr. Rodriguez with zero hesitation. It was my pleasure to contract AVR Painting for our office renovations during the month of September 2010. Mr. Rodriguez and his staff came in, worked diligently, professionally and with great attention to detail.Our offices look better than we could have ever anticipated. Mr. Rodriguez was true to his word and was able to perform these services at a price that not only fit our budget but outbid all of his competitors.As I stated before I highly recommend that you contract AVR Painting for all of your painting and office renovations needs.”


“I have used AVR several times and could not
be more pleased. I find Frank Rodriguez to be
a very professional and honest person, and his prices
are very reasonable compared to other
companies. I would definitely recommend
AVR to anyone!!”

– Christopher Chuck

“I was all over the place looking for the right Painting company. For a Mothers day gift. I needed to paint my mom’s house because on her block her house looked the oldest and ugliest. The deal was I needed a good deal. But we all know that good deals mean that an average joe would come over and do a regular job at a low price. With the way, things are nowadays. You cant trust no one. So I was looking for a company that was Licensed and Insured, Low cost and Great service. I gave AVR Painting a call and Frank came over and gave me a great deal. Bueno, Bonito y barato as my mom says. Not to mention that the Pressure Cleaning was included in the Exterior Painting. My mom’s house looks like it uses to look when I was a kid. Thanks, AVR Painting Services for a Great job! I highly recommend them.”

– Ben Martinez

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