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Commercial Exterior Painting

Commercial exterior painting jobs in the Miami Dade County Area is our specialty, from small office spaces to large commercial buildings our experienced team of commercial painters can facilitate both your interior and exterior painting needs.

We at AVR Painting Services, have the knowledge and skills to complete any commercial, Residential or industrial painting job in the area. Make the call today and find out why so many others have chosen to have our expert painters facilitate their painting needs. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee assures that our painters are providing excellent customer service accompanied by the years of painting skill.

Consider Certification

A commercial exterior painter must be fully certified by the relevant bodies in Miami Dade, Florida. Only hire a certified and licensed company. A certified company has the skills and qualifications required to make your vision a reality. A company must prove beyond reasonable doubts that it has the skills, resources, and ethics to offer excellent services before it qualifies for certification. Hiring such a company guarantees that you won’t have your project handled by a novice who don’t know the ins and outs of commercial exterior painting.


Experience is one of the main factors you should consider when choosing a commercial exterior painting contractor. Whether it’s commercial or industrial, good contractors should have at least five years of experience. Companies who have been around for a long time have an established presence in the Miami Dade County Area.  Most companies who have been around awhile have the knowledge and resources needed to produce quality work. They can easily identify and stop drippings, runs and color inconsistencies within no time. An experienced commercial exterior painting contractor also knows how to deal with cosmetic issues such as damaged drywall, cracks, dings and repairs. Based on the high level of experience, the commercial painters know what can work and what cannot.


An insurance policy is a must-have feature of a commercial painter. This is because painting is very risky and might result in a wide range of accidents. A company with an insurance policy will have nothing to worry about since its workers and other people on the site are covered. The insurance coverage also protects the property in case of any damage related to the project. Not all commercial painters have insurance policies. You may want to check with the prospective company just to be sure. A company without insurance may make you liable for all the damages and injuries that occur at the site.


Do Some Research

You need to research the commercial exterior painting contractor either online or in the local repositories. An extensive research will uncover the hidden details about the contractor to enable you to make a good choice. Go to the company’s website and see how it handles clients. Check online review platforms to see what people say about the company. Some professional and regulatory bodies keep details of all their members, including disciplinary actions taken against them and customer complaints. You can inquire with painting regulatory bodies in Miami Dade County, Florida to see if the company you are about to choose has a good track record.


A good commercial exterior painting company should provide you with a list of references. Ask the company to give you the details of at least three previous clients. Call these clients and ask them about their overall experience with the company. Let them tell you how the company handled their project. Ask them to show the buildings the company painted and see if you want the same results. Try and convince the references to give you an honest opinion about the company, including their satisfaction and disappointments.


Schedule Interviews

Request for initial appointments with companies you feel are most suited for the job. You can either visit the company’s offices or make a call. Ask them how they plan to execute your project and how much it will cost. Let them tell you how they will handle emergencies and who will be responsible for maintenance. You should also know the number of employees who will work on your project. Take the opportunity to see how the company handles your questions. Make a decision based on the company’s experience, past projects, and customer service quality.


Feel free to call AVR Painting Services for all your commercial exterior painting needs. We have delivered smiles to happy clients for over 10 years as the premier commercial exterior painters in Miami Dade County and the surrounding areas. We are well known for our huge projects in South Florida and employ some of the most experienced painters. Talk to us today to get the best high-quality commercial exterior painting job your business deserves.

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General Manager

5 5 1
“I have used AVR several times and could not be more pleased. I find Frank Rodriguez to be a very professional and honest person, and his prices are very reasonable compared to other companies. I would definitely recommend AVR to anyone!!”

Home Owner

5 5 1
“I was all over the place looking for the right Painting company. For a Mothers day gift. I needed to paint my mom’s house because on her block her house looked the oldest and ugliest. The deal was I needed a good deal. But we all know that good deals mean that an average joe would come over and do a regular job at a low price. With the way, things are nowadays. You cant trust no one. So I was looking for a company that was Licensed and Insured, Low cost and Great service. I gave AVR Painting a call and Frank came over and gave me a great deal. Bueno, Bonito y barato as my mom says. Not to mention that the Pressure Cleaning was included in the Exterior Painting. My mom’s house looks like it uses to look when I was a kid. Thanks, AVR Painting Services for a Great job! I highly recommend them.”

University of Miami

5 5 1
“I would like to take this opportunity to highly recommend AVR Painting Services and Mr. Frank Rodriguez for your painting needs.I recommend Mr. Rodriguez with zero hesitation. It was my pleasure to contract AVR Painting for our office renovations during the month of September 2010. Mr. Rodriguez and his staff came in, worked diligently, professionally and with great attention to detail.Our offices look better than we could have ever anticipated. Mr. Rodriguez was true to his word and was able to perform these services at a price that not only fit our budget but outbid all of his competitors.As I stated before I highly recommend that you contract AVR Painting for all of your painting and office renovations needs.”


5 5 1
“I’m the Store Manager for Artemide-Miami and I hired AVR Painting, managed by Frank Rodriguez, to handle a remodeling project. AVR Painting handled the job with the utmost professionalism and went above and beyond to ensure that the job was done on time. They were required to paint the walls, ceiling, and floor of the Showroom. At first, I was a bit skeptical at how they would handle the store’s merchandise since it pertains to lighting but they handled the lights with extra care and did not damage any pieces. In addition, they remained after the job was completed to ensure that the showroom was clean.If a business needs a job well done and the security that it is done right the first time, I recommend using AVR Painting. Artemide-Miami was truly satisfied with the job that was completed and would use them for all future projects.”

Thank You AVR Painting Services

5 5 1
Frank and his team did an excellent job painting our business. Customer service was amazing. I would recommend them to anyone!

Condominium Painting Services

5 5 1
Excellent job! Our condominium association is very happy with the results. Very professional company.

Great Work!

5 5 1
I have used AVR painting services several times and could not be more satisfied. Frank Rodriguez is not only very pleasant to deal with, but he is also very honest in his assessments. I find their prices to be very reasonable in comparison to other companies, so I definitely recommend them for any painting job!!!

Thanks Guys

5 5 1
Excellent !!!!

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