Leaching, efflorescence, and rust can be stubborn to wash. At AVR Painting, we use safe cleaners to safely and effectively remove these stains. Our soaps are non-abrasive and are safe for plants, lawns, shrubs, and bushes.

Today’s home improvement centers promote do-it-yourself solutions for cleaning problems, but it can actually cost more when one adds up all the time and materials needed to do the job correctly. It takes experience to know how to properly operate a pressure washer, what nozzles to use and how to clean without causing damage to the surface area. Also, cleaning it in a manner that results in a neat and uniform appearance involves skill and can leave an inexperienced homeowner frustrated.

We also offer soft-washing for your concrete, roof, house, etc. Our cleaners not only clean your surfaces, they keep them clean for longer. The application keeps cleaning your surfaces when it rains.

With the appropriate techniques and application, we are able to clean most chemical and organic stains. While making exterior surfaces look newer, a good, thorough pressure wash can reduce wear and tear by removing the dirt, mold, algae, chalk, insects and weeds that break down and cause damage to wood and masonry, and degrade protective paint and stain. Pressure washing also makes outdoor play equipment more sanitary for the kids, removes plants and oil stains from driveways and walkways, and acts as the perfect prep for an exterior painting or staining project.

At AVR Painting, we pride ourselves on taking extra care of valued clients like you. No washing job is too big or too small, and we keep our rates affordable to suit your needs. So whether you’re looking for a monthly cleaning appointment or more frequent service, we’re up to the task. Call today for additional information or to schedule an estimate.

Miami Pressure Cleaning Service

AVR Painting Services offers professional power washing and cleaning to Miami businesses and homeowners. We can clean pretty much every exterior surface that has become dirty over time. Removing mildew, algae, mold, and accumulated dirt from roofs, siding and decks is our specialty. We use a soft wash system, so there’s no high pressure to cause damage to your property. We don’t use any harsh chemicals either–our wash is eco-friendly and safe for your pets and plantings.

Call us today at (305) 490 0819 to have your siding, deck, or roof pressure washed. We have 10+ years of experience, and are confident that you will be happy with any cleaning job we do. We are licensed and fully insured for your protection.

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What Can I do to remove mold permanently ?

No way to prevent mold. Mold appears in any moist and dark area that has little air flow. There are paintings that can be formulated to inhibit mold growth, however, under certain conditions, mildew eventually will reappear on any type of paint that has been applied.

How can I clean a surface that already has been painted ?

It is important to perform a maintenance cleaning to preserve the life of the painted surface. Be sure to use a nonabrasive cleaner. When using a cleaning solution, first try the cleaner on an inconspicuous area to check for damaged paint.

How do you clean a surface before painting an exterior ?

You can use a cleaner such as detergent. Is essential to use all recommended safety equipment and not mix other chemicals with these cleaners.

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